Maryam lashes out at critics over Nawaz’s pic


Staff Reporter


Commenting on Nawaz Sharif’s latest London picture that has gone viral on the social media, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz observed that the purpose of uploading the snapshot was defamation and not promotion.
Nawaz is seen in the photograph sitting in a lighter mood and is accompanied by his three female family members.
In a tweet, Maryam noted that the purpose of click was not promotion but defamation which as usual did not work.
Expressing her resentment, she said it was not a big deal to take the picture of Nawaz along with his female family members “secretively” for those who could forcefully get into the intensive care unit and attempt to take the pictures of her faint mother. Commenting further on Nawaz’s latest picture, Maryam questioned if the click was such a good act, why was it done in a cowardice manner.The PML-N vice-president maintained that the way the glimpse of Nawaz had startled his opponents, it had become a source of happiness and encouragement for his supporters.Maryam declared that Nawaz’s adversaries only harmed themselves by such acts and unknowingly benefitted her father.