Maryam: Army, ISI chiefs should not have met Imran after PTI’s Senate ‘battering’

Staff Reporter

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz on Friday said the military leadership “should not have been seen” with Prime Minister Imran Khan a day after the ruling PTI suffered what she called a “battering” in the Senate elections.

Speaking to reporters in Islamabad, she accused the premier of dragging the institutions into politics despite the military repeatedly asking politicians not to do so.

Speaking about the meeting, Maryam said Prime Minister Imran had called and met the heads of institutions in the lawns of PM House “on the day he suffered a humiliating defeat [and] his members expressed a lack of confidence in him and voted against him”.

She noted that the Inter-Services Public Relations director general had repeatedly urged politicians not to drag the military into political matters.

“I think instead of saying this to the public, he should tell Prime Minister Imran Khan sahib that ‘you have lost, been humiliated, failed, and lost the trust of the people […] so kindly do not drag us into this politics,’” she added.

Addressing the military leadership, she said: “You should not have been seen sitting with Imran Khan at any cost a day after he suffered a battering [and] faced the people’s and public representatives’ wrath, when he (Imran) was busy in machinations and rigging.”