Marriyum lauds burying of PECA Ordinance


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PMLN) Secretary Information Marriyum Aurangzeb has welcomed the PECA Amendment Ordinance being declared unconstitutional.

In a statement Marriyum said the decision of the Islamabad High Court to uphold the Constitution is commendable. She congratulated the journalists, civil society, media institutions and the people of Pakistan over this victory. She also congratulated the PBA, APNS, CPNE, PFUJ and Amand.

The former Information Minister said the judiciary had ruled that no one could render the media and the people blind, deaf and dumb. The protection of civil liberties and freedom of expression enshrined in the Constitution was the a sacred trust of the Constitution and democracy, she added. She went on to say that tge PECA Amendment Ordinance was an expression of Imran’s fascism and dictatorship. The High Court played a historic role of guardian and watchdog of the Constitution, while history would always condemn Imran because of black law he tried to pass. She paid tribute to tge media Joint Action Committee, the struggle of journalist organizations, civil society. In the days to come, the dark chapter of Imran’s draconian and tyrannical rule would be wiped clear, she said.


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