Two killed in Sialkot 12 arrested for kite flying and selling

Faisal Khawer Butt

Two persons were murdered in separate incident over different reasons in the limits of the Sambrial police station.

According to the police, on Thursday evening Imran Sarwar attacked Sheikh Zaheer Ahmed in Main Bazar, with the help of a baton and hit him in the head due to which he died at the spot whereas the accused managed to flee.

It is told that the deceased had a clash with the accused over blockage of the passageway.

Meanwhile,Twelve persons were separately arrested for kite flying or kite selling while collectively 434 kites and several rolls of string were also seized.

According to the details, the Kotwali police arrested M Zahid, Saad Siddique and Tariq, the Civil Lines police held Faizan, Muradpur police nabbed M Tayyab and Aqib, the Nekapura police arrested M Naeem, the Hajipura police arrested Zaryab, M Nawaz, M Usman and the Uggoki police arrested Umar and Zahid and registered cases against them.


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