Maritime study forum gets another feather


Seafarers including one Pakistani stranded at the port Ummul Quwein, UAE to be repatriated back to their home land after 4 years.

The sea farers were abridged of their wages that amounted more than $300,000 for last 4 years which have now been paid after the relevant authorities took notice.

The incident of this lost voyage was covered by BBC Urdu and the Guardian, reporting worst of kind of humanitarian crisis including a Pakistani marine engineer 52 namely Riasat Ali stranded on-board for last 4 years.

The matter was initiated by young Admiralty & Maritime Lawyer Mr. Muslim Bin Aqeel from Pakistan.

In his letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan Niazi, he described the principles of general average to award the wages held in abeyance illegitimately by the shipping company namely Alco Shipping LLC. Attorney Muslim Bin Aqeel is a research associate at Maritime Study Forum Pakistan.

The matter was also highlighted at PMDU Portal System, a very efficient service introduced by the PTI government that kept track of all the progress during this time.

The stranded seafarer is likely to return by repatriation within a month as per D.G Ports and Shipping Karachi.

The authorities are in liaison with Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Foreign Office Pakistan, Consul General UAE and Government of UAE.

The Foreign Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi made an official visit to UAE from 17-19 April, 2021.

Pakistan and the UAE enjoy strong fraternal ties, rooted deep in common faith, shared history and values. Mr. Muslim Bin Aqeel, the young admiralty lawyer who initiated this case is satisfied with the timely action of government on this issue.—PR

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