Mariam Nusrat, a Pakistani entrepreneur makes it to “Forbes Next 1000 List,”


Mariam Nusrat, a Pakistani woman, has been named to the “Forbes Next 1000 List,” which honours start-ups and businesses with less than $10 million in sales but limitless potential to inspire.

“An entrepreneur’s journey is not linear — it is filled with a series of twists and turns; defeat is a natural part of the process, but what differentiates entrepreneurs on the Forbes Next 1000 List is their resilience in the face of adversity,” the leading US magazine said in a statement on Friday.

Mariam, the company’s creator, has a Master’s degree in economics from both LUMS and George Washington University in the United States, and she now lives in Virginia.

Mariam’s admission into the Forbes Next 1000 List places her among business leaders who are reinventing what it means to start and manage a company in the new normal.

Forbes has launched a first-of-its-kind project to honor brave and inspirational entrepreneurs who are reinventing what it means to operate a company in today’s world. Mariam’s accomplishments were lauded by Forbes editors as well as a panel of renowned business brains and entrepreneurs.

Mariam’s illustrious business career started in 2015, when she founded GRID – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development, a not-for-profit branch of GRID – Gaming Revolution for Inspiring Development.

Mariam has been managing a team of Pakistani game developers and designers to produce low-cost mobile games that encourage good behavior modification for the last six years. On themes such as reproductive health, climate change, health pandemics, animal welfare, STEM learning, and structural racism, the team developed eight portfolio games in four languages.

Mariam has won a number of accolades for her efforts, including the Clinton Global Initiative University Alum Award (given onstage by President Bill Clinton), the DC Inno 50 on Fire Award, the Andrew Rice Award, the GWU Best Social Venture Prize, and the UN PeaceApp Prize.

GRID has gotten a lot of press since its debut, including interviews on ABC News and WUSA9, as well as stories in Huffington Post, Global Voices, Washington Business Journal, Today, Yahoo News, and other major international news outlets.

Mariam has also spoken about GRID at a number of high-level events, including two sessions at the CGIU Meetings chaired by former US President Bill Clinton and two Tedx events.

On their platform Breshna, the company is now focusing on democratizing content production via video games. People are enabled to speak in an engaging way using Breshna. Breshna may be used by anybody to make entertaining and interactive video games to engage their audience, whether it’s a teacher creating a history quiz, a non-profit leader creating an animal sympathy brochure, or a startup founder creating a pitch deck. “The team has already secured $75,000 from 11 Tribes VC in a pre-seed round and will debut with a Game Jam on July 16th.”

The team expects to grow to 2 million users and 200,000 paying clients by 2024, with an ARR of $105 million, thanks to their pre-launch traction and positioning as industry disruptors in the meaningful gaming sector.

Mariam works as an Education Specialist at the World Bank when she isn’t releasing the potential of video games for social change.

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