Marginalised Indian Muslims | By Tariq Khalil


Marginalised Indian Muslims

EVER since the partition of India as long as Nehru family and later on the Congress continued to rule India the facade of secularism was presented to the world. Gradual decay in the governance of Congress. Later, during coalition governments Congress gradually lost the semblance of secularism. After the murder of Gandhi by Rss man, now a hero, RSS remain banned in India, revived gradually it continued to work at the grassroots level to convert Hindu population towards Hindutva. The ideology mooring of India is now getting converted into the mode of Hindutva as part of long term RSS agenda. It is attracting the young men in the rural and urban masses. There is no doubt that Congress while projecting the facade of secularism always promoted the basic concepts of Hindutva. Even before partition when Congress was in power after 1936 elections, they introduced all Hindu rituals in the schools even for the Muslims. Bande Matram song was introduced even for the school children. The text books in the school were changed. When Congress resigned from the government as protest, the Muslim League and the Muslims of India offered a deliverance day.

Interestingly Modi government is trying to establish that India is the land of Hindus based on the premise of Hindu religion. It is an entirely false premise, even educated in the India believe so. Nirad C Choudhry way back in1940s completely rejected that there is anything called Hindu religion comparable to Christians or Muslims. There’s no association of Hinduism with religion. This concept crept into when European orientalists started examining the religion of India. They concluded Hindus had no other name option for whole complex religious beliefs prevalent in India. What Indians worship is a jumble of different ideas ,creeds, rituals and practices. British named it Hindu in 1876 census. Though renowned professor Pandit Shiv Kissan Kaul fail to authenticate what is Hinduism.

The Pakistan was the result of complete intolerance by the Hindusvis a vis Muslim existence in India. In spite of the fact Muslim ruled subcontinent for 1200 years till 1857 they never persecuted the Hindus. When the British came in the subcontinent, to perpetuate the rule, they found the whip of the religion easy way to divide and rule communities in India. For them it was a successful policy. Now, in the 21st century India under BJP and shadow of RSS has started a new campaign to marginalize Indian Muslims. In the last decades Congress practiced the Hindutva under the façade of secularism. BJP under the RSS philosophy believed in violence and elimination of Muslims by force. The mosque were demolished and later series of such actions continued. Mosques are being raised to ground to erect Hindu temples. The cow slaughtering is totally banned. Anyone who violated the ban were not only prosecuted but lynched by the mobs. All this coercion failed. Recently Modi government has changed the policy. They are subjected to lot of criticism internationally after passing the registration act as well as revocation of article 370 in Kashmir followed by intense human rights violations. Although Liaqat Nehru Pact empowers Pakistan to seek explanation from the Indian government , the treatment of Muslim minorities. Our weakness Pakistan failed to raise this issue. Today the Muslim population in India is almost 16% yet in the hierarchy of the government and in other areas of employment even two percent Muslims are not given jobs. We have Amit Shah’s statement on record ,bizarre, the employment of Muslims for jobs are never restricted, yet one can understand when you talk of jobs these are not the government jobs. In civil services and in defence services the Muslims have been gradually marginalized and are less than 1% .

Therefore, BJP has come out with a new strategy to use multiple tools to marginalize the Muslim in the Indian society which is predominantly Hinduism. Firstly, they have already organized MRM a Muslim body within RSS. Apparently Muslim’ but it is controlled by the Hindu hierarchy within RSS. It is the soft face of RSS. Earlier it was not possible for Muslims who were barred to get even an apartment on rent in reasonable posh area of any big city. Castigation and threats are the common methodology of the RSS. Internally RSS and earlier Congress had examined the elimination of Muslims from Spain. Fortunate for Muslims , they are large minority and cannot be eliminated in modern time . Answer, marginalize them and make them irrelevant with the body of India , politically and socially. The policy is different in different regions . In Kashmir, Israeli model is adopted. In central India BJP and RSS leadership new fond love is visible. In south , Muslims are relatively better off. And atmosphere is created that with Muslim rising population is pitched against Dalits, that they are in danger. This is an effort to create clash between the two communities to achieve RSS goal. It will also be possible to win away Dalit’s embracing Islam. Thus, a pliant strategy is adopted to ensure clash of Dalits and the Muslims. Ironically BJP has frozen the constitution to achieve their own ends.

Indian leadership including all parties are quite aware that India is an unnatural entity. This was stated by a scholar Ramachandra many decades back. It is still true. Will India survive as a natural one state in spite of its economic growth and financial might. The answer is no, USSR was much bigger in entity but not survived because it was also an unnatural entity. Similar is the case with the earlier empires. RSS , three prong strategy is adopted, one, woo the Muslims especially clergy and influential Muslim leaders.. Interfaith dialogue and marriages are encouraged. RSS to support downtrodden Muslim segments. Two, rewrite the history of India. Hindu warriors who fought against Muslims are projected winners. A special RSS cell is working from last may years. The impact is visible on Facebook and other social media. Three, names of the cities on Muslim names are being changed to Hindu names . Even big cities are not spared, like Allahabad. With passage of time , next generation will know what rewritten history tell the youth.

The external diplomacy by India is on its optimum , to depict Pakistan on the brink of breakup , economically, socially, ethnically and militarily. This to force Indian Muslims look inwards. As they will be better off economically, socially. Geo strategic reality, Peace is only possible in subcontinent with strong Pakistan. It must forge alliances with Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries to ensure these are not engulfed by Hindutva. Unfortunate, Pakistan is deep slumber, politically polarized and failing in the austerity and management required at this moment to get out of the mess it has landed itself in .Pakistan has potential to be engine of growth and peace regionally and internationally.

——The author, a retired Brigadier, is a decorated veteran of 1965 and 1971 wars and and is a senior TV analyst and opinion writer.