Manzoor Wassan predicts political future of Imran Khan


Advisor to Chief Minister Sindh for Agriculture Manzoor Wassan has made a new prediction regarding former Prime Minister Imran Khan, President Arif Alvi and the upcoming general elections. PPP leader Manzoor Wassan in his statement on Tuesday said that Imran Khan is not to be seen in the next elections and someone else will come in his place, local councils elections in Punjab will not be won by Imran Khan but by PML-N, Imran will not be able to win as many seats as before.

He has predicted that the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi will be ousted before the general elections, President Arif Alvi will definitely be removed before 2023 and whoever becomes the new President of the country will be from the PPP. The PPP leader while predicting the general elections said that it is not possible to hold general elections in the country this year, general elections may be held in April or August 2023 next year. Manzoor Wassan also said that Pakistan Peoples Party will win more seats in the country in the general elections than before.


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