Many areas of Mirpur receive heavy downpour


With the advent of summer, various parts of AJK including the semi-hilly lake – side city of Mirpur was blessed with first heavy downpour of the season we hours Thursday breaking the just-emerging hot spell to considerable extent.

In Mirpur, the cats and dogs rains started wee hours Thursday owed by wind storm that hit various parts of the district partially affecting the daily life. Various low-lying areas along Mirpur-Kotli highway and other city streets inundated with rainy water.

Mirpur lashed with rainfall with mild wind storm, which continued intermittently till filing of this report partially affecting the electricity and telecommunication system in certain areas of the Mirpur division comprising Kotli, Mirpur and Bhimbher district, according to the reports. There are also reports of uprooting of trees at several places in the division because of the wind storm.

The reported stormy rains also turned the weather more pleasant in various top mountainous parts of AJK including the picturesque Leepa and Neelam valleys and the State’s metropolis. The laborers engaged in the construction work as well as the kiln owners are also considered to be the affected community because of the downpour which was continuing intermittently till filing of this report Thursday night in Mirpur and various other parts of AJK. More rains are expected in the coming days in various ground as well as the upper reaches AJK, experts forecast.