Man swallows 63 spoons for unknown reasons



In a bizarre incident, surgeons found 63 headless spoons in a man’s stomach and intestine in India’s Muzaffarnagar.

The staff at the private hospital in Meerut, where the surgery was performed, was shocked, saying that the patient was stable and well, Time of India re-ported.

Vijay Chauhan contacted the hospital after complaining of a stomachache. Just over two weeks ago, he was inspected for his abdominal pain when doctors suspected “foreign material” in the body.

Surgeon Dr Rakesh Khurana said Chauhan was instantly recommended surgery after scans showed the presence of spoon-like items.

The man had complained of extreme pain in the abdomen after which the operation was performed. “We extracted 62 spoons from the stomach and one from his intestine,” Khurana reported.

He added that this was the first time he had come across such a case. Chauhan, the doctor said, was a drug addict who was under treatment at a rehabilitation centre for the last seven months.

Reportedly, the patient gave contradicting statements when explaining why he swallowed the metal. At one time, he said he was forced by em-ployees at the rehab centre but at another time, he admitted to doing the deed himself.

“We may be able to ascertain the facts once the patient regains consciousness,” Khurana remarked.—Agencies


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