Man shot dead in front of wife, children



A man was killed in front of his wife and children by a bandit in Karachi. In North Karachi area of city, robbers shot and killed a man in front of his wife and children. In spite of all the promises of the Sindh government and the claims of the Rangers and the police, civilians have been massacred by dacoits in Karachi.

One such incident took place near 4J pub stop in North Karachi Sector 2 where a man named Muzamal was returning home on a bike with his 2 children, niece and wife.

A bandit tried to snatch the wallet from the wife’s hand. Meanwhile, the wallet fell, Muzamil started to pick up the wallet, the bandit fired at him and escaped and Muzamil died there. Muzamal’s family said that the deceased has 5 sisters and no brother, he was a welding worker and was returning home that night with his sister residing in PIB Colony.

On the other hand, the police stated that the investigation of the incident is going on, they are trying to reach the accused with the help of the cameras installed at the scene. Due to the incompetence of police and rangers, 110 people have been killed during street crime in Karachi in 2022.