Malnutrition to be eradicated thru agri-research: Fakhar


Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Syed Fakhar Imam on Wednesday said that through agriculture research and introducing innovation, Pakistan could eradicate the shortage of essential nutrients in the country.

We need a knowledge economy, where it is essential to introduce new dimensions through reforms in various sectors of the country so that Pakistan can become a modern developed country,”the minister said.

He was speaking to the media workshop “Addressing Zinc Deficiency through Biofortification of Zinc Wheat.”

The workshop was jointly organized by Harvest Plus, PANAH and National Fortification Alliance at the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination.

The workshop was attended by a large number of media persons, representatives from various government departments, civil society organizations and United Nation agencies.

Addressing on this occasion, Fakhar Imam said the government also has sent the young people abroad for good university education like China and other developed countries so that new dimensions can be introduced in various fields and quality food can be provided in the country.

The Minister said that Pakistan is currently the largest country with a young population not only in the region but as whole in the world and its young population needs a balanced and healthy diet, which the government is focusing on.

“We focused on food and crop production but did not focus much on quality food and seeds, that’s why there is a shortage of basic food ingredients in children and adults in the country today” he said.


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