Malir administration to launch crackdown against land grabbers


The Malir district administration has decided to launch crackdown against land grabbers, it was learnt on Tuesday.

A meeting of Malir district administration, police and officials of other concerned departments held to remove encroachment of state lands in Karachi’s district.

The session decided to initiate a crackdown against encroachment of state land in the shape of illegal housing societies and unauthorized villages.

The meeting chaired by the deputy commissioner Malir decided to arrest the arrest the land grabbers who illegally grabbed land and initiated housing schemes on the encroached area.

DC Malir told the session that the authorities have so far recovered over 2,000 acres of the encroached state land.

An anti-encroachment operation was commenced in Malir, in February this year, to demolish over 200 illegal farmhouses owned by influential people including political and religious leaders.

Following the orders of the deputy commissioner, an anti-encroachment operation was started in Malir to demolish over 200 illegal farmhouses under the decision taken on December 11 – 2018 to cancel the 30-year lease on the government land across Sindh.

The farmhouses were reportedly owned by influential people including political, religious leaders and police officers.

A farmhouse owned by the Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh was also demolished by the anti-encroachment team.

The government had leased out the land for 30 years for agriculture, dairy, cattle and poultry farming purpose. However, illegal trade of government land was made for commercial purpose.