Make protests peaceful


PTI Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday asked his supporters to prepare for the next long march towards Islamabad, alleging it was high time to take action as the “imported government is going to compromise with America on the blood of Kashmiris and recognize Israel”.

He asked the ‘entire nation’ to prepare and wait for his call. The party faced huge embarrassment when it miserably failed to take out an impressive number of people for its first ‘Haqiqi Azad March’ but takes shelter behind allegations of ‘police brutalities’ and ‘state repression’ against ‘peaceful protestors’.

No doubt, the Government took comprehensive measures to prevent breakdown of law and order in the backdrop of calls for ‘bloody’ march and ‘arson’ but these arrangements were on main roads and highways and who prevented workers from coming out of their homes?

Imran Khan also hurled threats on Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shehbaz and police personnel of ICT and Punjab despite the fact that all of them performed their fundamental duty of ensuring safety and security of life and property of citizens.

PTI protests were violent and police resorted to minimum use of force to disperse them but unrestrained force was used against government servants when they lodged protest in support of their legitimate demands for raise in salaries during the PTI rule.

Anyhow, there is no legal or constitutional bar against peaceful protests but PTI has a history of violence and attacks on national institutions and, therefore, its leadership has to extend firm guarantees about the peaceful nature of its protests.

This point also needs to be taken into consideration by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.