Madrassas spread message of peace

Staff Reporter

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Religious Harmony, Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi has said that the madrassas are spreading the message of peace across the country.

He expressed such view while addressing the annual ceremony held on Saturday in honor of the foreign students here at a local wedding hall near Jamia Binoria International.

He further said that Pakistani madrassa was never involved in terrorism.

Hafiz Muhammad Tahir Mahmood Ashrafi said that Prime Minister Imran Khan took personal interest in facilitating the arrival of delegates to the event.

“I am a student of a madrassa and I am proud to be a student of a madrassa,” he said.

As many as 330 students were graduating from Jamia Banoria International this year, both domestic and foreign, including 78 students from 17 countries.

The 78 students from 17 countries were awarded Dasthar Fazilat.

More than 5000 students are studying and besides, it is the only religious institution in Pakistan in which more than 450 foreign students are studying.

Maulana Noman Naeem, Administrator of Jamia Banoria, distributed prizes among the students who performed well throughout the year and position holders.

On this occasion, foreign students of Jamia Binoria International also presented tablos on social issues in Arabic, Urdu, English and other languages.

While a large number of domestic and foreign guests attended the event.

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