‘Madhu Bala’ elephant will be transferred to Safari Park: Saif



Administrator Karachi Dr. Syed Saif-ur-Rahman has said that Madhu Bala, the elephant in the zoo, will be transferred to the Safari Park as soon as possible. Four Paws team will help kmc in shifting of elephant.

He said this while visiting the Safari Park with the team of Four Paws on Tuesday, on this occasion Municipal Commissioner Syed Shujaat Hussain, Dr. Amir Khalili, Director of Safari Park Kanwar Ayub and other members of the team of Four Paws were also with him.Administrator Karachi said that there is adequate space in the safari park and a larger space than the space pinpointed by the Four Paws team has been allocated for elephant Madhu Bala to provide the elephant with a natural environment.

He said that various tests have been done on Madhu Bala and the blood samples have been sent to the laboratory. He said that a team of veterinary doctors will examine the samples of Madhu Bala and also assess the possibility of her being infected by any germs.He said that there are already two elephants in the safari park and the third elephant from the zoo will be transferred to the safari park after keeping it for some time and Madhu Bala will also be kept with these elephants.

Four Paws, an international welfare organization, has given us a lot of support regarding Noor Jahan’s health and has spared no effort in providing treatment.Administrator Karachi, while briefing the team of Four Paws with the help of maps and charts, said that the Safari Park consists of a vast area and the animals already present here are being provided with a natural environment so that their health is not affected. He said that Safari Park is considered safe for animals worldwide, Administrator Karachi said that KMC making all efforts for bringing improvement in Karachi Zoo and Safari Park and there will be no compromise on the health of animals.

He said we tried our best to save Hathni Noor Jahan’s life and for this an international team of doctors was called to Karachi while veterinary doctors were also called from Lahore.He said that life and death are in the hands of Allah and like humans, animals also die suddenly.

Dr. Amir Khalil, head of the team of Four Paws, said that we have decided to move the elephant Madhu Bala to the Safari Park and will fully cooperate and all technical and medical facilities will be provided to KMC.

He said that the aim of our organization is the welfare of animals around the world and we will come to Pakistan whenever the Administrator Karachi invites us. He said that one and a half acres of land is required to keep an elephant and this facility is available in the safari park. Further steps to be taken have been discussed in detail.