LWMC to impose emergency in northern Lahore


Lahore Waste Management Company has planned to impose emergency in Northern Lahore and started special cleanliness operation due to the current sanitation situation. In this regard, Chairman LWMC along with CEO, DMD and other officials paid visit to the multiple areas including Bloor Shah, Singhpura, Sehar Road, Madhulal Hussain, China Scheme, Scheme no 2, Badami Bagh Fruit and vegetable Market. LWMC started the cleanliness operation with the help of its machinery being utilized in the rural areas of the city.
Backlog of more than 10 thousands of tons would be lifted during this operation. Sunday holiday of all the officials and staff has been cancelled in this regard. On the Occasion, Chairman LWMC Malik Amjad Ali Noon stated that the cleanliness of Lahore is our top most priority and department is using all its resources in this regard.
CEO LWMC stated that department is taking all possible measures to facilitate the citizens with best cleanliness services and to clear the backlog. LWMC special cleanliness operation is continue in the north Lahore and all the officials, staff and machinery will remain in field until the successful zero waste operation.
The department will not tolerate any sort of negligence in cleanliness of the city. Furthermore, CEO LWMC paid visit to different areas of the city in the morning and besides monitoring the cleanliness operation he directed to clear the all the backlog on priority.
He added that the department is working tirelessly to maintain cleanliness in the city.
He also appealed to the citizens to cooperate with the department and to reduce the amount of waste.
Spokesperson LWMC said that in-case of any waste-related complaint citizens can dial LWMC helpline 1139 or can use mobile application Clean Lahore.