LWMC lifted record waste 6,346 tons



Staff Reporter

The Lahore Waste Management Company’s new operational structure has started showing incredible results.

According to the spokesperson for LWMC, as a result of practical steps on new administrative matters, Lahore Waste Management Company has relocated 9 towns and further divided these towns into 49 zones.

A record waste of 6,346 tons has been lifted from city points, Ring Road, and private societies.

637 tons of waste has been lifted from Allama Iqbal Town, 619 tons from Gulberg Town, 568 tons from Nishtar Town and 632 tons from Samanabad, 660 tonnes of waste from Aziz Bhatti Town, 808 tonnes from Data Ganj Bakhsh Town, 513 tonnes from Ravi Town and 963 tonnes from Shalimar Town.

A total of 2,456 tons of waste was lifted from circle 1 with the help of 126 trips, while 3261 tons of waste was lifted from circle 2 with the help of 211 trips.

LWMC CEO Imran Ali Sultan expressed satisfaction over the newly formulated system, saying that the new management structure and adoption of a new strategy have further accelerated the work and are showing positive results.

Towns have been divided into Circle 1 and Circle 2, which will ensure uniformity in cleanliness.

Earlier, an average of 5,000 tonnes of waste was collected daily, while under the new structure, more than 6,000 tonnes of waste is being lifted, he added.

He also said that with these satisfactory results of the new strategy, we are hopeful about the company’s best performance in the future.

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