LPG rates on the rise over reduced import thru Taftan border


Staff Reporter
The LPG prices in local market has started to climb, with Rs 5 per kg increase on Thursday. Rs 60 has been increased in domestic cylinder and Rs 200 in commercial cylinder.
It is pertinent to mention that Chairman LPG Industries Association of Pakistan Irfan Khokhar had intimidated rise in LPG rates and cautioned the government of the increase beforehand when he mentioned that irrational behavior of Asem Iftikahr, Director of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue) Karachi, who termed the legal import thru Taftan border “smuggling” had created panic among importers and thus import from that point have reduced up to 30 percent.
The Chairman had already lodged a complaint to Prime Minister Imran Khan in a letter, mentioning Asem Iftikhar, Director Intelligence and Investigation, Inland Revenue, Karachi, irrational move, and saying the official’s remarks resorted to harassment and panic amongst LPG Importers through Taftan Border.
He penned, “At this critical time, Asem Iftikahr, Director of Intelligence and Investigation (Inland Revenue) Karachi, appeared on TV and termed a 100% legal Import of LPG through Taftan Border as illegal. He said that smuggled LPG is being imported through Taftan border, though this import is fully documented. All sales tax and income tax are paid in National Bank at the border. This is done purposely to harass and terrorize the importers of LPG from Taftan border. This needs to be checked as to on whose agenda Mr. Asim Iftikhar is working. If the businessmen are victimized, they would stop importing LPG through Taftan Border, which is 100% legal trade and this will create shortage of LPG in the Country and will increase the price manifold.”
He said Mr. Asim Iftikhar has strong affiliation with Maulana Fazlur Rehman Group and is working on his policies to defame the Government. Mr. Talha Mehmood who is the Chief Financier of Maulana Fazlur Rehman Group is Father in Law of Mr. Asim Iftikhar. Such kind of people should not be posted on such sensitive positions from where they can black mail and defame the Government.
Sir, we are looking towards you for justice. Please get inquiry conducted and if this man is found guilty, he needs to be removed from his position and punished too