Low quality material used in 4 Kunar solar parks



Four Solar Energy Parks at the cost of 92 million afs im-plemented against contract by Baldtak Engineering Construction Company (BECC), Afghan media relia-bly learned

The Ministry of Agriculture on January 16, 2020 lease out the construction of four solar energy parks to BECC for the irrigation of 4,000 hectares Kunar agriculture rain-fed land.

These projects opened by of-ficials of the previous govern-ment one year back but are of no use.

According to the con-tract the company should used In dian spare parts but media learned that Chinese low quality materials are used.

Two of these four solar parks built in Marawara district, third in Sarkano district and fourth in provincial capital Asadabad.Media has received a follow up letter No.

31 dated June 29/2021 to the Ministry of Ag-riculture citing that the BECC implemented solar energy project in violation to the con-tract and used low quality ma-terials.


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