Losses of eight lives during rain spell, mostly due to faulty internal wiring



Alarming number of electrocution incidents reported from across the city amid the ongoing rainy weather conditions, Spokesperson KE confirmed that no company infrastructure was involved in any of the 08 reported unfortunate incidents occurred between 15 to 18 August, and the majority were observed to be taking place inside premises under construction, factory sites, or inside homes.

The company extended its deepest and sincerest condolences with the affected families while urging citizens to take care and follow safety precautions to protect themselves and their loved ones during and after the rains. Per the KE Spokesperson.

“These unfortunate incidents only highlight the importance of ensuring that internal wiring for premises must follow safety and insulation guidelines to protect valuable life and property.

Though KE has invested heavily in properly earthing and grounding our infrastructure to prevent untoward incidents, but the use of illegal kundas, unauthorized civil works, and encroachment are also phenomena which compromise these parameters and create a hazard for citizens at large.

KE urges its citizens to follow safety guidelines within and beyond the rainy season to stay safe. For emergency complaints related to electricity, consumers are advised to use 118.” On 15th August, 03 reports of incidents were received and investigated. A man identified as Adnan passed away in Landhi Bhains Colony while operating a water motor with faulty wiring inside the premises.

In separate incident at Younus Chowrangi in Landhi, a 45-year-old laborer was electrocuted while working inside a factory. In the Manghopir Area, 2 laborers aged 45 and 27 respectively also sadly died due to an electric shock while working in an under-construction house.


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