Long march a conspiracy, says Aftab



Former federal minister Sheikh Aftab Ahmed termed PTI chairman Imran Khan’s announcement of a long-march onto Islamabad on May 25 as a conspiracy to derail the democratic government adding that the PTI leadership and their followers were not sincere with the nation.

He was talking to newsmen in Attock on Tuesday. He was of the view that Imran Khan is returning to Islamabad once again with a new ‘agenda of plunder after looting the country and its people for around four years.’

Mr Ahmed aksed the PTI chairman Imran Khan to should come to federal capital to apologize to the nation for his ‘destructive failures, incompetence and corruption while in power’. He said that Mr Khan should come and apologize for destroying national economy, stealing people’s sugar, wheat, flour, medicine, gas, electricity and LNG.— Raza Naqvi


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