PM says considering holding talks with insurgents in Balochistan


GWADAR – Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday revealed that he is mulling to engage in talks with insurgent groups in Balochistan so the militancy could be brought to an end.

Addressing the business community in Gwadar, the premier said that the insurgents might have grievances for some past mistakes, adding that India can use them to spread chaos in the country.

He lamented that justice was not done with Balochistan, a province blessed with enormous natural resources, by the previous federal governments.

PM Khan said that now the situation has changed and Pakistan is heading towards a better future.

Gwadar is going to become focal point for Pakistan

Addressing a groundbreaking ceremony of various development projects, the premier earlier today said that Gwadar is going to become a focal point of development in Pakistan.

Addressing a groundbreaking ceremony of various development projects in Gwadar, the premier lamented that some parts of the country are development while some others including Balochistan are underdeveloped.

Saying Pakistan is on its way to become a great country, the premier highlighted that development in Pakistan linked to progress in Balochistan.

He said that Gwadar International Airport would encourage regional trade and improve economic activity in the province.

The prime minister said projects related to energy and water supply would help Gwadar develop, adding that the pace of working on the projects have been expedited.

Calling for expediting working on China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said that Chinese exporters planned to build such industries that would help Pakistan boost its exports.

He lamented that no focus was put to boost the exports of country, adding that Pakistan has always been at the mercy of the International Monetary Fund.

On the occasion, PM Imran Khan inaugurated Gwadar Free Zone, Expo Center, Agriculture Industrial Park, and three factories, besides witnessing of the signing of various MOUs aimed at constructing a state-of-the-art hospital, airport, and vocational institute in the region.

The prime minister also thanked the government of China for launching water and solar projects in Balochsitan, particularly Gwadar.

He said that Pakistan can benefit from its strategic location and also from the expertise of its friend China which is the becoming an economic power in the region,” he said.

Talking about Afghan issue, he said that Pakistan is in talks with the Afghan government and Taliban to avoid any uncertain situation.

Earlier today the premier arrived in Gwadar on a day-long visit to inspect the progress on the development projects.

In accordance with the government’s goal of concentrating its development efforts on Balochistan, the premier will be given a comprehensive briefing on the progress of the South Balochistan Development Package.

Various agreements will be made on the solarisation of the region and the installation of a desalination plant to address Gwadar’s water and energy issues.

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