Lijian Zhao: A true friend of Pakistan


LOVE and warm wishes are pouring in abundance from all
quarters and corners of Pakistan for Chinese Deputy Chief Mission Lijian Zhao who is returning home in the next few days after completing his diplomatic assignment in Islamabad. This fondness itself speaks volume of the extraordinary qualities that Zhao possesses which made him so popular in Pakistani society.
Just a cursory look at his tenure in Pakistan makes it very obvious that Zhao is a diplomat par excellence who set new trends in public diplomacy and made his presence felt through active diplomacy. Undoubtedly, his work focusing greater engagement and cooperation has honoured the great traditions of China’s diplomacy. His tenure in fact saw further strengthening of bonds between Pakistan and China and touching new heights in diverse fields. He really proved to be a true friend of Pakistan for the way he fought the negative propaganda against multibillion dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project and foiled the designs of the enemies who are bent upon sowing seeds of division between the two countries. Without mincing any words, he always spoke openly against the enemies of the Corridor project and came up with genuine facts and figures to clear misperception and counter the negative propaganda against the CPEC. He remained an important member of the team that steered the first phase of the corridor project. The updates and information about progress and completion of different CPEC-related projects also came from him. All this earned him many admirers and supporters in Pakistan who really see the CPEC as a significant project for forward movement of the country on the path of sustainable development. He is a Chinese diplomat but never shied from promoting the cause and image of Pakistan. Truly with his actions he proved his words true that Pakistan is his second home. We and the Pakistani people will always remember him as a great friend. As Mr Zhao assumes his new responsibilities in Beijing, we also wish him all the success in his future career and are confident that new DCM Pang Chunxue will take forward the mission of further strengthening Pak-China connections and cooperation.

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