NSC meeting


SITUATION is dire both inside occupied Kashmir and on the line of control- something which Pakistan cannot remain oblivious to. It was in this context that the National Security Council, the top security body, met in the federal capital on Sunday and very rightly tried to draw the world’s attention towards India’s irrational actions that could destabilize the region. The meeting chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed out that the recent Indian measures will increase the level of violence and turn this area into a flashpoint.
The fact of the matter is that the Indian authorities are acting in complete madness days after Prime Minister Imran Khan’s successful visit to the US where President Donald Trump made mediation offer on the lingering dispute. This along with the importance that has been accorded to Pakistan in the Afghan peace process, has created a wave of panic in India which is now resorting to increased violence and tyranny in the occupied valley and boiling up the situation on the line of control with use of banned weapons such as cluster ammunition to, what we understand, vent out its frustration. The situation in occupied Kashmir is deteriorating fast as restrictions of all sorts have been imposed there with former Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti also placed under house arrest on Sunday night. These are the leaders who used to support India but now they are being subjected to oppression of unimaginable magnitude. Indian government is doing all this to succeed in its evil plot of changing the demographic composition of the valley by doing away with Article 370 and Article 35-A of the Constitution. On the other hand, India is also trying to malign Pakistan by accusing it of infiltration. In such a situation, some misadventure from India inside Pakistan cannot be ruled out. Though Pakistan’s armed forces have time and again proved its capability of delivering a bloody nose and one saw its recent manifestation when our Air Force shot down the two Indian fighter jets and also captured their pilot which was later released as a goodwill gesture. But we understand any conflict will be disastrous for the regional peace and stability, and also surely undermine the ongoing efforts to find peace in Afghanistan. It is time that the world takes notice of the current situation in a manner that leads towards the solution of outstanding Kashmir dispute. Our Foreign Office should brief the diplomatic corps especially important capitals about the situation developing in the occupied Valley as well as along the LoC and Working Boundary. Rather we will suggest that the government should send special delegations to the friendly and the western countries to effectively present a clear picture of the region where India is trying to hold peace hostage to establish its hegemony.

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