Light Up Islamabad: Illuminated guide maps being installed to facilitate tourists

Staff Reporter

The Capital Development Authority (CDA), in its ‘Light up Islamabad’ drive, has started installing LED illuminated guide maps and informational boards at various points of the city to facilitate the locals as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

The CDA has already installed lighted guide maps at various sectoral areas such as Sector F-6, F-7 and F-8.

The project, launched last week, will be expanded to the entire city, its Member Finance Rana Shakeel told media on Tuesday.

He added that the initiative was scheduled to complete by the next couple of weeks.
Rana Shakeel said under the project, the LED (light-emitting diode) illuminated guide maps were being placed at entry points of the sectoral areas, whereas informational boards illustrating history of a particular thing such as road or initiative would soon be erected at different places.

He said the informational boards for the highways and roads, named after prominent personalities such as Ibn-e Sina, Faiz Ahmed Faiz and many others, were being developed and would be installed shortly.

He said the guide maps were meant to facilitate the locals and visitors coming to Islamabad from various parts of the country and world, while the informational boars were aimed at sensitizing the younger generation about the history and introducing them with the national heroes.

The senior official said there were hardly a fraction of people who knew about Agha Shahi and many other personalities whose names were given to many roads in the capital city.

To a query, he said indeed, such initiatives would also help give ‘Islamabad—the beautiful’ a modern and distinctive look.

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