Lifestyle change must to avoid effects of diabetes


Staff Reporter

Diabetes has become a fast-spreading disease all over the world and Pakistan is also an important country in this regard, said Principal Postgraduate Medical Institute & Ameer Uddin Medical College Prof Dr. Sardar Muhammad Al-freed Zafar.
He added that if it is not remedied immediately, 26 million people in Pakistan alone will be affected by the disease of dimities by 2030. He said that not only treatment but also public awareness, precaution and precautionary measures are needed to control diabetes. Similarly counseling is an indispensable process in which doctors and nurses can play a pivotal role to overcome the spreading the disease.
Prof Al-freed Zafar said that nurses have a very important role to play in this regard, if they are fully equipped with medical education to control diabetes their services will be most effective. The Principal PGMI said that the World Health Organization has also highlighted the usefulness of the role of nurses in its recommendations and termed the theme of 2020 World Diabetes Day as “Diabetes and Services of Nurses”. The subject of diabetes should be included in the nursing curriculum in Pakistan, he stressed.

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