Lies, propaganda favourite pastimes of PML-N: Cheema


Says main objective of PTI to free nation from invisible chains of slavery

Advisor to CM Punjab on Information Omar Sarfaraz Cheema, in his reaction to the second leaked audio of Imran Khan, has said that the PDM group had yet again leaked the second audio in violation of the Official Secrets Act, and to tarnish the image of Imran Khan but this leaked audio also proved that the cipher was real. Cheema added that lies, propaganda and hypocrisy are the favourite pastimes of the PML-N, but now the people are not going to be deceived by these tactics. Mafia’s entire propaganda rests on changing the original words in subtitles.

He added that every passing day is proving the truth of the cipher, and the nation is demanding an investigation. Earlier, while addressing a seminar at a local hotel arranged by Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists, Omar Sarfaraz said that the main objective of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf was to free the Pakistani nation from the invisible chains of slavery, and the media has been standing with PTI in this journey of political consciousness. PTI is the strongest believer of freedom of press, he maintained.

He also said on this occasion that our interests are connected with that of Pakistan.

A few mafias have destroyed the institutions in the last seven decades, including the media. He said that PTI always stood side by side with the journalist community; we did not use the media to take revenge from the opponents.

Current federal government is targeting political opponents through the media, he was of the view.

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