Liaquatabad flyover closed ahead of PML-F rally

Staff Reporter

Both the roads of the Liaquatabad flyover here were closed on Sunday ahead of a rally organised by Pakistan Muslim League-Functional.

According to the traffic police, the roads have been blocked with barricades and police vans have been stationed at the venue.

Vehicles coming towards Liaquatabad number 10 from Dak Khana are being diverted to Al-Karam Square.

In case of queries, people can ask police officers stationed at the venue or call 021-915.
The rally will begin at 4pm to commemorate the death anniversary of a spiritual leader who was killed during the British colonial rule in 1943.

Meanwhile, Traffic coming from Tower would be diverted from Saddar Dawakhana to Preddy Street and MA Jinnah Road.

Heavy traffic including buses, passenger coaches would be diverted to Preddy Chowk while light vehicles would be diverted from Preddy Chowk to MA Jinnah Road.

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