LHC turns down bail plea of four accused Adulterated milk sellers enemies of humanity

Staff Reporter

The Lahore High Court on Thursday declared the sellers of adulterated powdered milk as enemies of humanity.

The court said that the culprits who were selling adulterated milk were committing a crime against society. Such people are a blot on the face of a country and enemies of humankind.

Lahore High Court judge Justice Sohail Nasir issued a detailed judgement on setting aside the bail application of five accused involved in the adulterated milk case.

According to the judgement, the accused were manufacturing adulterated powdered milk. They could not get the advantage of working in a factory. During raid, the officials recovered cooking oil, dry milk powder and other items from their possession.

The contaminated milk is a sweetened poison as detergent/soap and urea are being used for its manufacturing.

Though adulterated milk does not cause instant death, but it makes the body house of various diseases. It causes swelling in the eyes and complications in the liver and kidney functions.

It could also take lives of pregnant women and patients with heart and blood pressure. For children, adulterated milk is a poison.

It was also observed in the judgement that reports of shifting 2 million litres of tainted powered milk have already been published.

It also said that reports about administering oxytocin injections to cattle for getting extra milk have also been published in the national dailies.

There are also reports of harmful effects of the oxytocin injections on human health as the milk produced after administering this injection could cause cancer and other diseases among its users.

The court observed that this artificial hormone increase injection is banned in Canada, India, Europe and several other countries.

The court ruled though the case of the accused was bailable but they could not deserve the right to plead for the bail. A court uses its discretionary power seeing the distinct nature of every particular case, it further added.

Accused Allah Yar, Umar Hayat, Akhtar Hussain and Muhammad Azam submitted an application to the court seeking bail in an adulterated milk case. They are accused of manufacturing tainted powdered milk in a factory in Arifwala.

Meanwhile, a single bench of the LHC ruled that printing of national flag in different colours, other than its original scheme, and on distorted shaped portraits to be considered defilement.

Justice Ali Baqar Najafi heard a petition filed by Advocate Shakeela Rana against the disrespect and disgrace of the national flag of Pakistan.

The court observed that according to the National Flags Protocol, people can’t, lawfully, treat the flag in the following ways: It must not touch the ground, shoes, feet, or anything unclean.

It must not be flown in the darkness. It must not be market with anything. When raised or lowered it must be saluted.

It must not fly or be displayed upside down or with a crescent and star facing left. It must not be displayed where it is likely to get dirty. It must not be set on fire or trampled upon. It must not be buried or lowered into a grave.”


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