LHC restrains Anti-Corruption Deptt from harassing Rashid


The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday restrained the Anti-Corruption Department from harassing former Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

Justice Farooq Haider heard the petition filed in the LHC against the summons of Sheikh Rashid in anti-corruption and the court restrained anti-corruption from illegally harassing the political leader. The court further sought reply from other parties including anti-corruption on July 27.

During the hearing, Sheikh Rashid’s lawyer took the stance that the land deal has been done and payment is yet to be made. Sheikh Rashid said that he still has possession of the land as the person who bought the land has to pay 80%. It is pertinent to mention that Sheikh Rashid had been summoned by the Anti-Corruption Department on Friday.

“The harassment by the ACE should also be stopped till the final decision of the petition,” he demanded. Later, while talking to media on the high court premises, Sheikh Rashid criticised Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and said: “The day Shehbaz Sharif tells the truth will be the last day of his life.”

While commenting on the decrease in petrol prices by the government, he said: “I think petrol has been increased by Rs13.” He also challenged the government, “If you have the courage, show it by applying Article 6.”

He maintained, “This is an additional note of the Supreme Court, not a decision. The Article 6 does not come even close to this.” He pointed out while hinting at the upcoming by-polls, “If the people make the right decision the day after tomorrow, all of their [government’s] efforts will go in vain.”

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