LHC CJ fears for his life from police after retirement

Staff Reporter

Lahore High Court (LHC) Chief Justice Qasim Khan on Monday remarked that he is aware that the Police would make his life ‘difficult’ after his retirement date which is July 5.

The LHC CJ was hearing the case of contempt of court against SP Saddr Hafeez Bugti. He remarked that after July 6, he and his family’s lives would be in danger from the police. “Police have made a state within a state,” the CJ remarked.

The court has rejected the unconditional apology of SP Saddr and ordered him to appear in the court otherwise he would face six-month conviction. CJ Qasim Khan also said that nations fail when they forgive their rich and punish the poor.

The court has adjourned the hearing till Tuesday (tomorrow).