Asad Qaiser visits Sundas Foundation



Staff Reporter

Speaker National Assembly Asad Qaiser on Monday visited Sundas Foundation and enquired after the health of Thalassemia, Hemophilia and other blood disorder patients. The speaker also distributed gifts and flowers to the ailing children.

He also lauded the screening system on the most advance equipment and treatment facilities under the highly trained doctors and medical staff.

He further expressed his satisfaction for extending quality treatment facilities to the ailing children without any discrimination.

He also praised the Khalid Abass Dar, Hassan Nissar, Suhail Warraich, Suhail Ahmad, Ali Rauf, Asif Affan and president Sundas Foundation Muhammad Yaseen Khan for advancing the legacy of Munoo Bhai late.

Speaker NA Asad Qaiser invited the patients of Thalassemia to visit parliament House, adding that the young generation should have their Thalassemia carrier tests done before marriage, so that the fatal disease could be prevented.

He appealed to the philanthropists to help the Foundation in this hour of need and Covid lockdown.

In the visitor book, he wrote his observations which say that the way the president Sundas Foundation is striving for the patients along with his team is an unprecedented mission and Allah Almighty also like such people.

MNA Faiz Ullah Kamoka, senator Ayub Afridi and MNA Junaid Akbar were also present during the visit along with speaker National Assembly.


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