Letter about killing of past service members by Taliban is fake



An official letter associated to the government General Directorate of Intelligence (GDI) regarding the scrutiny and killing of past government soldiers is fake and disseminated for propaganda campaign.

The letter, which has spelling and punctuation mistakes, reads: “To the Islamic Emirate Mujahideen in Kabul! As you know some evidence of the killing of previous government service members and US allies is provided to media outlets by the spies of infidels and this led to economic sanctions on Afghanistan by the US.”

The letter continues: “As the Islamic Emirate government is on the verge of getting global recognition by the US and World thus the killing of these individuals should be prevented. Mujahideen could only scrutinize past government soldiers and individuals who are in touch with infidel states until the next complete agreement. Mujahideen should not leave any evidence when they take any relevant action.”

Government Deputy Spokesperson Bilal Karim told Pajhwok Afghan News the letter is fake and meant for propaganda campaign. “Islamic Emirate did not release such orders and it is not their policy. This letter is fake,” he said.

Interior Ministry Deputy Spokesperson Eng. Azaam in a video clip said: “Islamic Emirate after general amnesty did not hold or kill any past government official on their past activities. Previous government soldiers who recently got killed or injured is due to their personal enmity and other disputes and individuals involved in these crimes are arrested by Mujahidin.”

He, however, said if any personnel of previous regime tried to weaken the state and government they would be arrested.

Outcome: According to government sources a letter associated to the GDI in which statement is made regarding the killing of past government soldiers is fake and part of propaganda.