‘Let’s change life’ book ceremony held



A well-known educationist and author of several books and a teacher of Cadet College Pitaro, Professor Rao saeed Ahmed, the latest work “Let’s live life” was launched at Quba Auditorium Gulberg, in the presence of Central Deputy Amir Jamaat-e-Islami Sidnh and former MNA Asadullah Bhutto. Prof. Rao Saeed Ahmed and editor of Sindhi Monthly Venjhar Mujahid Chana addressed. while Prof. Khayal Afaqi, Dr. Rahmatullah Ahsan, Dr. Khalid Mahmood and Maulana Farid Ahmed Mansoori and other academic and literary personalities participated.

Asadullah Bhutto said in his speech that the book is the best friend of man. The author of Let’s Change Life has tried his best to achieve success in all aspects of life in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

Provincial Ameer and former MNA Muhammad Hussain Al-Mehnati said in his address that this is the best book by Professor Rao saeed Ahmed which guides every step of the human being. In “Let’s change life”, The priorities of religion have been accommodated.

The author of the book, Prof. Rao saeed Ahmad said that in this book, Prophet Mehrban has been presented as a role model. He did not live his whole life according to his own will, but according to the orders of God. Today, science has proved that people who stay up late at night If they wake up late, they get diseases like cancer.