Lee exposes India


THE dangerous path of extremism that India is treading under Narendra Modi is known to everybody but there are few who choose to openly speak against it.

In fact out of political and economic expediency, hardly anybody dares to speak against India.

But indeed the world is still not devoid of leaders who are upright and not afraid from speaking the truth.

The one who has shown the courage to call spade a spade is the Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien, who in his address at the parliament house the other day, regretted that almost half of the parliamentarians in India’s Lok Sabha – the lower house of parliament have criminal charges against them including those of rape and murder.

Being head of one of the strongest economies in the world and the one dubbed as economic powerhouse in Asia, the very remarks by the Prime Minister Lee indeed cannot be a slip of tongue but he would have very carefully made such a statement on the basis of some solid and concrete information.

After all, such statements also hurt the bilateral relations and why would Lee try to damage relations with a country which is seen as a big market in the world.

Lee’s statement may be surprising for many but not for the people of this part of the region who, in fact, have been witnessing the campaign of brutalities unleashed by Modi government against Kashmiri people as well as its own population who are Muslims.

When the Prime Minister of a country (Narendra Modi) whose hands are soaked in the blood of innocent Muslims, it should not be surprising that the country’s other elected representatives also have a criminal record.

For their vested interests, the important capitals may turn their back, but the fact is that the situation is getting very serious in India with each passing day.

Most recently, renowned scholar Professor Noam Chomsky also stated that Islamophobia has taken the most lethal form in India, turning some 250 million Indian Muslims into a persecuted minority.

Those signing big economic deals with this terrorist and extremist country, should review their posture.

Especially the Muslim countries must understand that Modi is and cannot be a friend of any Muslim whether he is living in India or elsewhere.

Signing big ticket economic deals with him is amounting to rubbing salt on the Indian Muslims.

Time has come to rein in India before it is too late and it becomes a monster for the world.


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