Lecturer rips up his certificates to protest ban on women’s education


A university lecturer ripped up his certificates and diploma on a live show on TOLOnews to protest the ban on women’s education in the country, a move that has been widely circulated on social media.

Mohammad Ismail Mashal said he ripped up his documents which he achieved in 18 years of his studies. His move, he said, is because women and girls are barred from access to education.

“Keep Afghanistan’s education issue apart from politics, war, and economy.

We have experienced lots of suffering and humiliation, but now we want access to education. This is what Almighty Allah has given us,” Mashal said.

Many social media users praised the lecturer’s move and said his protest was effective.

Some female students who succeeded in being enrolled in medical faculty ahead of the closure of universities, said they are disappointed over the suspension of universities for them.

“We first studied at home, then we went to a tutoring center and studied there. We put a lot of effort into it. On several nights, we didn’t even get any sleep. We stayed up late studying so that we might find our way to a good faculty and have a bright future. We are upset with the decision of the government,” said Tamanna, a student.

“Boys can go to school and women cannot. This is really painful for everyone. We urge the government to reopen schools as soon as possible,” said Hasanat, a student.

To protest the Islamic Emirate’s decision to suspend higher education for women, dozens of university lecturers have resigned from their jobs.

The Islamic Emirate has not yet specified a deadline for finding a solution to the issue.—Ariana news