Lawmakers join forces to fight polio

Staff Reporter

The members of Punjab Assembly reiterated their resolve to make anti-polio campaigns a success in the province.

The MPAs renewed their resolve at a PILDAT Briefing Session titled “Polio Emergency in Pakistan.”

The MPAs convened with Chairman Standing Committee on Health MPA Muhammad Afzal in the chair to discuss the polio situation of in Punjab at the briefing session.

Mr. Ahmed Bilal Mehboob, President PILDAT welcomed the participants and said that in these Covid times although our main focus is on vaccination against Covid but the polio situation also cannot be overlooked.

He further said that although the polio cases in Pakistan are on a decline but efforts are needed to completely eradicate the disease and the elected members of Punjab can play a vital role if engaged in the polio eradication campaigns effectively.

Session was attended by a large number of MPAs, prominent MPAs who joined the session are: Ms. Ayesha Nawaz, PTI, Ms. Zainab Umair, PTI, Mr. Mohsin Leghari, Provincial Minister for Irrigation-PTI, Mr. Hussain Jahania Gardezi, Provincial Minister for Agriculture-PTI, Ms. Bushra Anjum Butt, PML-N, Ms. Umul Banin Ali, PTI, Ms. Shazia Abid, PPP, Ms. Shamim Aftab, PTI, Dr. Muhammad Afzal-PML, Ms. Uzma Kardar, PTI, Ms. Raheela Khadim Hussain, PML-N, Mr. Malik Ahmed Ali Aulakh, IND, Ms. Shaheena Karim, PTI Ms. Khadija Umar, PML and Ms. Shaida Ahmed, PTI.

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