‘Lar ao Bar Afghan slogan’ harms Pakhtuns


Nasib Shah Shinwari


The former member of national assembly from district Khyber has said that ‘Lar ao Bar Afghan Slogan’ was harming and destroying the Pakhtun living in Afghanistan and Paksitan. Shaji Gul Afridi, the former MNA from NA-43 speaking on the occasion of oath taking ceremony of Jamrud press club cabinet said they He was in favour of a prosperous, strong and peaceful Afghanistan.
He said every citizen should collectively stand to curtail the dividing slogans and he would soon launch a movement against the Lar ao Bar Yao Afghan slogan that negatively affected Pashtun in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. ‘I challenge all political leaders in Pakistan that I have contributed much more than them as trader, as leader and as politician for Pakistan, Shaji Gul claimed.

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