Lahore: temperature expected to reach 44 degree celsius


The temperature in Lahore remained high on Wednesday, reaching 44 degrees Celsius, however the real feel index placed it at 51 degrees Celsius.

Today’s temperature in Lahore is expected to reach 44 degrees Celsius, according to the Meteorological Department (Thursday).

Dusty winds are expected in Lahore in the evening, according to the Met Office, with wind speeds of up to 36 kilometres per hour.

A series of showers is expected to arrive tomorrow evening, according to the Meteorological Department, reducing the heat intensity.

The humidity in Lahore is now around 45 percent.

Lahore residents have been urged to stay inside and not leave their houses for any purpose.

The city has been boiling for almost three days, and the roadways have transformed into an inferno, leaving them deserted.

The heat was not just affecting city dwellers; animals were also seeking cover and drink to escape the heat.

Citizens have been advised by medical professionals not to leave their houses needlessly and to stay hydrated. They also advised individuals to protect their heads and necks and use sunglasses if they had to leave.

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