Lahore rickshaw harassment case: Two more suspects arrested

Lahore rickshaw harassment case: Two more suspects arrested

Police Wednesday arrested two more suspects in the qingqi rickshaw harassment case. CIA Ghaziabad has arrested two more suspects in the case from Nankana Sahib, according to Lahore police. So far, four people have been arrested on suspicion of harassing the woman.

According to authorities, the videos acquired from both suspects have been submitted for forensic testing.

Earlier, Punjab Police arrested the man who recorded the viral video of a woman being sexually harassed inside a Qingqi rickshaw in Lahore.

Dr. Shahbaz Gill, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication, stated that the man who harassed the woman will be arrested shortly.


Gill also gave an update on the attack on the Minar-e-Pakistan, revealing that 34 individuals from South Punjab had been arrested thus far.

In all, 126 individuals have been detained in the case, according to him.

The incident

Another video of a Pakistani man sexually assaulting a woman went viral on social media last week, eliciting anger from people from all walks of life.

In the video footage, two ladies can be seen riding in the back of a Qingqi rickshaw with a kid between them on a busy street in Lahore. The sight of a pair of motorcycles hounding the rickshaw, catcalling, and leering at them caused the ladies to become clearly upset.

As shown in the video, one guy got into the rickshaw out of nowhere and kissed the lady forcefully. She and the lady next to her shouted in shock, but no one interfered.

One of the ladies removed her shoe and threatened to slam it into a motorcycle. The stressed lady became enraged at one point and attempted to abandon the rickshaw in despair, but was stopped by her friend.

Victim reluctant to come forward

Two individuals were arrested in connection with the Qinqgi harassment case, according to media reports.

According to sources, the victim was hesitant to come forward and identify the perpetrator when she talked with the police over the phone, but the police are attempting to persuade her to cooperate so that justice may be done.

According to reports, the investigative team has promised the victim that the police will fight the case on her side so that she does not have to appear in public.

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