LAC revives rich tradition of street theatre


City Reporter

The Lahore Arts Council (LAC) has revived the rich tradition of street theater and launched a new series called ‘Alhamra-on-Wheels’.
In this connection, the LAC will present theater plays at various locations across the city on different topics.
According to a spokesperson, the first play of the new series ‘Jahaiz Aik Laanat’ (dowry is a curse) was presented at Jilani Park, in which people not only attended the event with great enthusiasm but also greatly appreciated Alhamra’s new initiative.
The play’s characters sent a message to the audience through their acting and dialogues that “if we are determined, our society can get rid of this evil”.
On the occasion, LAC Executive Director Athar Ali Khan said that ‘Alhamra-on-Wheels’ was being launched to provide quality entertainment to people of Lahore.
He said that the viewers were given a message that “we can save our family system by getting rid of dowry curse”. The increasing tendency of depression and divorce rate in society can be reduced by educating people about the curse of dowry.

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