LAC commemorates Iqbal


Muhammad Usman

Young artistes and teachers of Al-Hamra Academy of Performing Arts paid glowing tribute to poet-philosopher Dr Allama Iqbal on his 143rd birthday on Monday.
Kalam Iqbal presented by the young artists to express their respect and love for the poet of the east.
Speaking at the ceremony, Executive Director, Lahore Arts Council Saman Rai said that Dr Iqbal was a true lover of the Beloved Holy Prophet (SAWW) and one can feel freshness in the depth of one’s soul by listening to his words. Saman Rai said that fortunately that it is the interpretation of Iqbal’s dreams that today we are breathing in the open air of “Pakistan”.
She said that Iqbal’s message is being spread, in the shape of “Kalam Iqbal” someone sang and someone performed his art. The Al-Hamara on its Facebook page broadcast a special program live on the poet’s birthday, which was watched and liked by a large number of people.
Ms Rai said that Dr Iqbal’s poetry, thought, philosophy itself plays a key role at every level, whether it is the success of an individual’s life or the beauty of society.

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