Kuwait opens doors for Pakistanis


IN a clear sign of open heartedness, love and affection towards the people of Pakistan, Kuwaiti government on Sunday decided to resume granting visas to Pakistani families and businessmen.

The decision came during a meeting between Kuwaiti Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Sabah and Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmad in Kuwaiti city.

During the meeting it was also decided that Kuwait would issue technical visas for Pakistani workers in medical and oil fields.

This indeed is great news for Pakistani workers who always prefer going to the Gulf countries to earn livelihood.

The Interior Minister really deserves appreciation for this development as he took personal interest to get the ban lifted on visas for Pakistanis.

The brotherly country had stopped visas to citizens of Pakistan, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan in 2011, while citing difficult security conditions in these countries. Indeed it is the discretion of any country to take decisions in their best national interests.

As the security situation stands much improved in Pakistan after a successful operation against terrorists, the very decision of Kuwaiti government was very much inevitable given the goodwill that exists between the two countries.

Pakistani medical staff is widely regarded for their professionalism and hard work in the Gulf countries including Kuwait.

At the same time we need to train more skilled workforce in different fields that cater to their requirements.

By sending skilled workforce abroad, we can significantly enhance the volume of remittances.

Lifting of ban on business visas will also promote trade relations between Pakistan and Kuwait.

Our business community should undertake visits to the Gulf country to explore possibilities of joint ventures in areas of mutual interests.

In fact there are immense opportunities of cooperation between the two countries especially in the areas of energy, food security and defence.

There is a need to further promote high level exchanges in order to translate the excellent brotherly relationship into a strong economic partnership that is a win-win for both the sides.

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