Kuwait Assistant FM urges diversity in bilateral ties

Zubair Qureshi

There are plenty of opportunities between Pakistan and Kuwait to collaborate for the betterment of the entire region and both the countries need to diversify their relations through commerce, exchange of expertise and cultural expertise.

This was stated by Ambassador Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs of the State of Kuwait, Ali Sulaiman Alsaeed at a Public Talk organized by the Centre for Afghanistan, Middle East and Africa (CAMEA) at the Institute of Strategic Studies, Islamabad here on Tuesday.

Ambassador of Kuwait Nasar Abdul Rahman J. Almutairi was also present on the occasion.
Members of the diplomatic corps in Islamabad, academics, civil society, and former and current diplomats attended the talk in good number.

“I bring a message of love, brotherhood and cooperation for the people of Pakistan from Kuwait.,” said the Iraqi Assistant Foreign Minister. Ambassador Alsaeed emphasized the importance of Pakistan as a significant country for the entire region and the world.
He said that Kuwait is a small but active country with region-wide diplomatic outreach.
He went on to say that Kuwait perceived Pakistan as a brotherly country and praised the strong and capable diplomats of Pakistan for their efforts to cultivate peace and prosperity in the entire region.

Commenting on the ubiquitous threat of the Coronavirus pandemic, Ambassador Alsaeed commended the efforts of the Pakistani medical team that had visited Kuwait last year and offered their expertise in assisting the authorities in Kuwait during the outbreak.
He also spoke of a training programme within Pakistan for Kuwaiti diplomats.
Ambassador Alsaeed appreciated the role of the Pakistani community in Kuwait as one of the most highly-skilled diaspora. The talk was followed by a question and answer session which was moderated by Ambassador Aizaz Ahmad Chaudhry, Director General ISSI. While answering a question on India, the Ambassador remarked that Kuwait’s relationship with India would never be on the cost of its ties with Pakistan.

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