Korea can benefit from germplasm exchange programs of Pakistan: Azeem



Staff Reporter

A delegation of KOPIA Korea led by Administrator KOPIA, Mr. Hur Taiwoong visited PARC headquarters on Tuesday.

They were warmly welcomed by Chairman PARC Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan. The delegation visited to inaugurate KOPIA Paki-stan Centre and Aeroponic potato seed production system in Pakistan.

While presenting the development and functions of PARC to Korean delegation, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan briefed that, “Since its inception PARC through its various research divisions, is working for the research and development of Paki-stan agriculture.

It is gaining momentum in the areas of livestock and seed multiplication development with international assistance and linkages.

He particularly mentioned the technical support of United Stated through USAID and USDA.

He added “we are raising the capacity of existing plant genetic resources for food and agriculture conserva-tion and acquired a large number of various crop accessions from ICARDA.

Recently we have acquired and cultivated Kiwi germplasm from Nepal which proved to be a quality production in mountainous regions of GB.

We have 4 million hactares land suitable for olive cultivation and till now olive has been cultivated on 40 thou-sand acres area.

In his concluding comment Dr. Khan expressed deep gratitude to Korean government for techno-logical and financial support and lauded their assis-tance in providing chilli dehydration unit and aero-ponic potato seed production, while emphasizing the importance of further cooperation in farm machin-ery, livestock and crop diversification sectors.

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