KMC to auction 70 charged parking spaces on Feb 8



The Karachi Metropolitan Corporation has Wednesday announced to auction the charged parking spaces across the city after its report found illegal contractors of some 162 spaces fleecing people.

KMC has, via a notification announced an auction for one year of the 70 spaces of charged vehicle parking which will open in February 8.The notification also noted that on these auctioned spaces, no more than officially fixed fees will be charged from the people.

For cars, rickshaws, and hi-roof, the parking fee will be Rs30, as for the motorcycles, this fee would be Rs10 only.

Separately for Hiace vehicles and coaches the parking has been decided at Rs70 and finally the large buses and trucks will bear Rs150 for parking in the KMC designated charged spaces.

Furthermore, for a particular case of Hyderi’s Sunday bazaar for motorcycles, where people buy and sell their bikes, the parking fee for each motorcycle to enter will be Rs30.

Any other spaces on the KMC land than the ones laid out in the notification will be considered illegal if the parking fee is demanded there, the notification said.

The Karachi administrator has categorically declared that if anyone is found setting up their parking space on unsanctioned spaces, the authorities will remove it instantly.

It added that if for some reason the auction cannot materialize on February 8, it shall then happen in the following day or two.

A source in the KMC also confirmed that if any contractor of the auctioned space is found violating the decided fee amount and fleecing their customers, their contract will be nullified.

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