King Charles warned monarchy’s days are numbered



King Charles’ biographer Catherine Mayer has warned that Prince Harry’s memoir could be a ‘beginning of end’ for the royal family and the monarchy.

Mayer believes that anger over racism, misogyny and wealth in the royal family can undermine public consent for the Firm and the Palace.

According to the royal analyst, the Duke of Sussex’s attacks on the behaviour of the royal family in the new memoir could be “absolutely catastrophic”.

Th expert, believes the devastating implications of attacks on the Firm and the Palace from Harry are being ignored.

Harry’s book has put the focus on personality clashes that could threaten the constitutional monarchy, whether or not the British public is calling for such a change, according to the biographer.

Mayer, as per The Guardian, has claimed: “It is possibly something that will mark the beginning of the end of the monarchy, and that is what we should discuss. It is important, given the lack of trust in the state at the moment and an upsurge in rightwing politics.”

“Members of the royal family have become our proxies for anger about racism, misogyny and wealth. This is, after all, an institution that stands for inequality, so there are huge things at stake,” Mayer continued.