Killing of Kashmiris


Killing of Kashmiris continue in IoK. Recent violations of human rights in the Vale have shaken world conscience to certain extent, in many years. This is the new phase of aggressive and hegemonic Hindu Nationalism. Indian secularism that earned India a place in the comity of nations as a relatively soft and responsible country seems to be over now. World is now witnessing a majoritarian reactionary and exclusive India. The very foundations of nationhood are being redefined. The situation looks very complex not only for a diverse country like India but for the whole region where concepts of state and nation are being challenged by the rise of far right.
India by its constitution is a secular country where citizens are those who live in the geographical boundaries of India regardless of their faith or culture. Indian state has survived the past 72 years as one geographical entity due to its inclusive constitution even though many new units have been created on the demand of local movements. State crushed many separatist movements on the strength of its constitutionalism for example in 1984 when Indian state obliterated Sikh separatists inside the most sacred temple for all the Sikhs. State by doing so conveyed a clear message that state’s secularism is supreme.
The real test of the tenacity of Indian state is yet to come. This rise of Hindu Nationalism is not a product of Indian state’s meddling into politics; rather it’s an outcome of free and fair elections. It is a conscious decision of millions of Indian voters. There seems an inevitable clash between Indian politics and Indian secular state. The phenomenon of Hindu Nationalism itself is very confusing. Nationalism is usually associated with minority that fears dominance by majority but in case of India it’s the other way around. It’s a nationalism of majority against a minority or minorities. It looks like India is on self-destructive path. India is entering a history-making epoch.
Melbourne, Australia