Khattak clarifies saying ‘govt will not survive without his support’

Tariq Saeed

Confusion gripped the media and social circles on Sunday following a controversial uttering of the Defense Minister and former Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak who was quoted by a section of press as saying that without his support Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government will not survive a single day. However, later in the day Pervez Khattak refuted the impression saying he was sincere and indebted to Imran Khan. Mr. Khattak was reported to have said during his talk with the supports at his native town Noshehra that ‘Imran Khan Government could not last a single day if I don’t want it to’

After his rhetoric’s doing rounds in the electronic and social media, Mr. Khattak came up with the clarification that he was heavily indebted to Prime Minister Imran Khan for his number of favors and was utmost sincere to him and stood with him whole heartedly. ‘Clearly mentioned in my speech for the locals of my village in Noshehra that I’m sincere and indebted to Imran Khan. We are successful in our constituency due to our efforts and the support of IK. We will defeat all opp. parties ganged up against the candidate we are supporting for the by-election’ Pervez Khattak tweeted.

During his interaction with the Party men, the Defense Minister said the opposition parties respected him and that was why he also had regard for parliamentarians saying ‘No one can cheat me when it comes to politics’. However, Pervez Khattak came hard on the 11 party’s opposition alliance Pakistan democratic Movement (PDM). ‘I believe their artificial alliance will meet its fate very soon’. Pervez Khattak said referring to PDM. He castigated the opposition parties for having a hand in the inflationary situation that Pakistan was currently confronting with. He said it was the predecessor governments’ policies that had brought Pakistan to its current state of affairs adding they literally ruined the economy for their personal gains and were now pressurizing the government to hide their corruption and seek NRO for their wrong doings.

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